Lawsuit says NCAA, Riddell didn't educate on head injuries

Lawsuit says NCAA, Riddell didn't educate on head injuries

AP College Football Writer

The NCAA and helmet maker Riddell are named as defendants in separate class-action lawsuits alleging they failed to protect football players from long-term head injuries and didn't educate them about the risks.

The Fort Worth firm of Circelli, Walter & Young filed the lawsuits Monday in federal courts in Indianapolis and San Francisco.

The lawsuits ask for damages for health care costs, lost wages and other personal injury damages.

The Big 12 Conference is listed as co-defendant with the NCAA. Named plaintiffs are former players Cory Brandon (Oklahoma), Kelvin Chaisson (Oklahoma), Derrick Cherry (Texas Tech), Jarrod Blake Roberts (TCU) and Joe Walker (Texas).

The Riddell lawsuit alleges the helmet maker misrepresented the safety of its helmets.

The NCAA, Big 12 and Riddell did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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