Wichita Falls sisters highlighted at State of State speech

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Sisters Ke'nesha and A'Lisa Buckner spent a majority of their lives in foster care.

"We grew up in foster care from 4 years old to 18," said Buckner.  "It was tough.  you kind of have to find your identity it was pretty tough."

They are not letting that define them.
"I was able to full through," said Buckner.  "It's possible that achievements can happen in the foster care system it's not always the bad stories you hear there are also achieve stories."

Texas governor, Gregg Abbott highlighted the 2 at Tuesday's State of the State Address.

His number 1 focus is improving and protecting the Child Protective Service system.

Ke'Nesha and A'Lisa work full time and are in graduate programs at Midwestern State University, which is why governor Abbott is calling the 2 "extraordinary Texans."

"I love Texas," said Buckner.  "I was born and raised in Texas going to forever be in Texas so it felt great for your own governor to call you that."

Ke'Nesha and A'Lisa's case worker, June Davison can't help but to consider the 2 sisters as her daughters.
"They prospered," said Davison.  "They've always been good natured kids.  Every child has their ups and downs and the girls have always done the best they could. The girls who have gone through a long battle and fought it and have risen above it."

The sisters are working to someday have their own foster care agency.  
Ke'Nesha encourages anyone who is going through the foster care system to never give up.
"The system can break you down and can at times," said Buckner "Don't let it make you.  You don't have to let it make you.  You can be something.  I would not be where I am today.  My caseworker was on top of me she still is to this day.  I mean it can be achieved you just have to work hard on it."