Early Spring, or Harsh Winter

Punxsutawney Phil tries to steal every meteorologist job in the country on February 2nd. The groundhog is the oldest weather forecaster in the country. He first started predicting the end to winter 130 years ago in 1887.

The tradition comes from Candlemas day in Europe. Both use the clouds to predict the end of winter.

On a sunny day Phil will see is shadow and run back into his hole predicting six more weeks of winter weather. A cloudy day indicates one of the last winter storms and therefore spring is near.

If the groundhog lived in Texoma he would have a 50% chance of seeing his shadow based on the cloud coverage tomorrow morning. The First Alert Weather Team said clouds are likely in Punxsutawney, PA. If the camera flashes don't send Phil back into his home, he shouldn't see his shadow.

This coincides with climate forecast. The month of February will be well above average. An early spring is looking likely. First we will have winter temperatures Thursday and Friday, but this weekend highs will be back in the 70s.

Check back tomorrow to find out if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.