Seymour finds new ways to bring in visitors

SEYMOUR, TX (KAUZ) -- The city of Seymour is just one of many small Texas towns striving to survive after an alternative roadway, built in the early 2000's gave drivers an alternate route around the city.

TX-DOT is unveiling similar plans to city of Henrietta and Nocona which has many residents worried.

Residents said the impact is no secret, but they continue to fight and find new ways to bring visitors to a town they call home.

For years towns like Seymour welcomed drivers on US-277 as they drove through, but now those drivers simply go around thanks to an alternative route.

A route Seymour resident Brad Hammack, calls the bypass that killed Seymour.

"It's been a challenge as we've trying to figure out how we get people to not just blow past Seymour on the outside and get them to stop," said Hammack.

Which was the main concern in the Nocona last night when they got their first look and a possible bypass around their town.

I spoke with City Administrator Steve Biedermann who said the bypass created one main challenge.

"The challenge it created was how do we get people to come and visit Seymour," said Biedermann.

They city learned as long as you are willing to look outside the box for new ideas, your city should continue to flourish.

Seymour's reason, the Whiteside Museum of Natural History which opened its doors in 2014

Coleton Caldwell the Assistant Director of the museum said over 3,000 students visit the museum every year.

Caldwell said, "Special fossils that are world-famous are found right here in Seymour Texas and it gives the community a real sense of pride."

The city of Nocona plans to fight against the possible by-pass construction.

Hammack told me after seeing the impact it had on his town, he hopes the city of Nocona will win.

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