Neighbors react to hostage situation

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Vicki Ramirez sat in her living room Thursday night when she saw a swarm of police cars come through her neighborhood.

That is when she called her husband and they watched the event unfold.

"I heard maybe 2 or 3 shots and all I see is the swat team," said Ramirez.

"We pretty much knew somebody had been shot and pretty much dead.  Then I saw the body lying on the ground in front of the door and we pretty much knew he was gone."

She was at Garrison's at 5:30 Thursday night and knows the workers there.
"We go in there all the time," said Ramirez.  "Me and my husband and my kids."
"It's the same people every day and they've been there for a long time just like we have been here."

Ramirez and her family have lived in the same house for 5 years and Thursday night's hostage situation doesn't make her worried at all.
"We pretty much know who drives by here and stuff like that," said Ramirez.  "If we see something different we keep an eye on it."
"I wouldn't count on it happening again," said Ramirez.

"People who live here in this neighborhood kind of watch out for each other and stuff like that."

Police impounded a car next door to the Ramirez house and said it is about the crime.