Garrison's convenience store hostage situation recap

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Wichita Falls Police Department is continuing to investigate after Thursday night's hostage incident at Garrison's convenience store.
All the stores in the area, including Garrison's, are back open on Kemp.
The two female hostages were recovered safe, but not 18-year-old gunman Miguel Silva, who attended Wichita Falls High School in 2015.
    "We feared for the safety of the hostage in there," Wichita Falls Police Chief Manuel Borrego said. "He did come out. He was shot and killed by one of our SWAT officers."
Just after 10 p.m. WFPD and Wichita County Sheriffs deputies were called to the area of Kemp and Kell about a male with a rifle that shot three to four rounds.
    "Then we got another call that he was at the Garrison's convenience store," Chief Borrego said. "There were also some gunshots fired off inside the store."
Silva fired his rifle inside, shattering one of the windows.
Two females were being held hostage at gunpoint, one an employee.
Silva was threatening both the police and victims.
    "He was making some demands," Chief Borrego said. "And also very erratic in his conversation."
However, Silva let one go around 10:30 p.m.
Thirty minutes later he came outside with the other hostage, and was shot and killed minutes after.
Both hostages were recovered safely from the scene.
Chief Borrego said it is unfortunate, but part of the job.
    "Anytime there's a loss of life it's tragic," Chief Borrego said. "And certainly when one of our officers is involved, it's difficult for them also. But we have a job to do and we have our citizens that we have to protect."
The investigation is still in the early stages and we will continue to work to bring you the latest details.
Nearby neighbors and businesses were told to take shelter during the hostage situation.
No workers or neighbors were injured during the incident.

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