Choir Prepares to Perform with Foreigner

The Wichita Falls High School Acapella Choir will perform live on stage with the world known rock band, Foreigner at Memorial Auditorium on Feb. 7.

The choir won the chance to perform through a radio contest with 104.7 the Bear. Vanessa Zurek is a senior with the chance to perform. She said her dad made sure she knew who Foreigner was.

"I've heard them before and I knew their songs, and thanks to my dad I got to listen to them as I was growing up," Zurek said.

Her dad can not attend the concert, but her mom is very excited to be there.

"Everyone is honestly so excited we're just ecstatic to just be able to perform with him," Zurek said.

The choir director, Chris Jarvis, had seen other high school choirs win the chance to perform with the multi platinum album band.

"When I heard they were coming to Wichita Falls I was like, me, it's going to be my group," Jarvis said.

He says he immediately started looking for the right person to contact.

"I looked up management numbers, I tried everything I could find before I finally got a hold of somebody and they said oh, it's going to be a radio contest," Jarvis said.

They didn't find out they won the contest until Jan. 31.

"It was kind of like a last minute, hey in a week your going to be singing with Foreigner," Jarvis said. "So that's kind of cool."

They will be singing the groups biggest hit, "I Want to Know What Love Is," on stage with Foreigner. The band is also donating $500 dollars to the chorus program.

"We're always excited when we get some money and that it's coming form Foreigner," Jarvis said." So that's even cooler, but definitely we have some stuff we can use that for."

When they aren't singing they will be selling a live CD/DVD set with all the classic hits to raise money for the Grammy foundation that provides funds for high school music programs.