Theater adds new twist to upcoming production


A Wichita Falls theater is introducing to the community a classic tale with a unique twist.
Director Michael Sherry says his production based on the classic tale of Huckleberry Finn is like nothing the city of Wichita Falls has seen.

I figured the show already masters its great message through diversity of race, said Sherry.  Why not tackle another form of diversity through language.

That language is American Sign Language.

Theater is not just about speaking spoken lines it's about seeing whatever notes, said Sherry. There is other ways to communicate the text and tell the story through a different language and we figured that sign language would be a unique.  It's a really beautiful language.

Anna Arrendondo is excited for the production to take the stage.

A lot of people are going to be impressed, said Arrendondo.  I'm impressed.  I get goosebumps every time I see this group of people.  The fact that they are picking it up and the effort they are putting into it is going to blow them away.

The cast members said this is a unique experience for them.
Learning a new language and being able to share it with the people that I know and get them excited about it as well has been great, said Cherron Johnson.

Very challenging, said Michael Kately.  The sign language portion on the side of the singing is extremely challenging.

They hope to not only introduce the audience to a new kind of performance, but also to spread the message of diversity, saying that is what the classic novel teaches.

People can have like different ideals and thoughts, said Corey Rauscher.  That is okay and it's about bringing people together instead of pushing people apart.

I hope that it hits them so hard on an emotional level that it forces them to whatever establishment they walk into the see people all the same, said Kately.

Opening night for the Backdoor Theater production of Big River is February 17th.