Crowds head to supermarkets before big game

WICHITA FALLS, TX - It's all hands-on deck for Letha Stiles and her staff at Market Street.

"It's taken us all week long to get prepared but we are on the ball we are ready to go we are ready to serve some guests," said Stiles.
"We have our counters full and are ready for business today."

Staff working all day and through the night, making wings, sandwiches and much more all before kickoff.  Their most popular item?

"Wings, our 7 layer cheese balls, all the grab and goes," said Stiles.  "Anything that's ready to go they're ready for the party.  They're coming in and grabbing our homemade tortilla chips and anything they can grab."

In the bakery isle, cakes and cookies from both teams ready to be picked up by customers, like one father and son who say even though they are Cowboys fans, they are rooting for the Patriots tonight.
"You know Brady has got what four super bowl rings," said Maurice Anderson.  "So you know I mean that's not my team but that's who I'm expecting to win.  Brady is great man he's like one of the bests.  He's one of the bests quarterbacks in the game so it's really hard to beat him when he gets in the zone."

However, the opinion was divided.

"Falcons," said Gavin who was shopping with his dad.  "They haven't won in a long time.  They've been in the Super Bowl once only and they haven't won it.  Just going to root for the NFC team since our cowboys got beat out.  So, we'll stick with the falcons."