WF city council gives PPG three million for expansion

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Vitro Glass Plant in Wichita Falls is getting more funding for possible expansion.
City council has passed an ordinance to give the plant up to three million dollars for the project.
It could help add jobs if awarded, but it's not a done deal.
    "They are in competition with other Vitro plants in the nation to get that super coater project," Jim Dockery, Wichita Falls Deputy City Manager said. "So it's not a done deal yet."
A jumbo coater facility may not be set in stone for PPG, but funding from the city puts them in good position to land the project.
    "They feel very confident that with what today's action was, they will be successful in moving that project here to Wichita Falls," Dockery said.
It is all about staying ahead of the competition and having the best glass plant in Wichita Falls.
    "We are going to have some stiff competition," Bill Haley, PPG Plant Manager said. "If we want to stay even or ahead of our competition, we got to have the right tools to be able to do so. With this jumbo coater, we get to stay the leader, the innovator of Vitro architectural glass."
The expansion would mean no jobs are leaving the city.
In fact, 50 additional higher paying jobs would be brought to the Falls.
    "They provide over $36 million dollars worth of annual payroll and have a huge economic impact on the city of Wichita Falls," Dockery said. "So without that plant, our economy would be impacted very negatively."
If this project is approved to be built in Wichita Falls, it will be the only PPG plant with those capabilities in the county.
If the city does not land the expansion, it could mean a loss in jobs.

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