WF City Council discusses ban on phone use while driving

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- The Wichita Falls City Council is discussing an ordinance that could ban the use of all wireless communication devices while driving within city limits.

But not all council members are on board, just yet.

Currently, Texas state law prohibits the use of devices like cell phones inside active school zones, but as written this ordinance would restrict the use all communication devices while driving within Wichita Falls.

Some council members think there will need to be a better definition of the word "devices" before final approval.

Over 90 cities in the state of Texas have already banned or restricted the use of cell phones and other electronic devices while driving within their city limits.

Wichita Falls City Council appears to be split on the issue, one of those members is District 4 Councilor Jesse Brown.

"I think everyone on the council agrees, that texting and driving needs to be as limited as possible. But the policy that we discussed today needs to be revised in a way that will work and practice," said Brown.

In the last two years, Wichita Falls Police investigated over 2,000 accidents.

Of those 53 people involved "admitted" that a cell phone contributed to their accident.

Doug Shupe of AAA Texas said, studies show that if your mind is not focused on the road you are still putting yourself your passengers and everyone else on the roadway in danger.

"Hands-free does not mean risk-free," said Shupe.

Brown believes the council is on the right track, but needs to continue with discussions moving forward.


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