Texoma rivals come together to help a young girl

BRYSON, TX (KAUZ) - Two Texoma towns raised $5,110 at a fundraiser Tuesday night for a 14-year-old who is in the hospital fighting for her life.

While Bryson and Newcastle fought for a big win on the basketball court at their rivalry game, off the court they fought for something else: to show their support for Morgan Larance.

"It's just great to see us come together and work together for one prayer, one cause and that's Morgan because that's what it really is all about," said Sherry Blair of Newcastle.

Melissa Walker of Newcastle said putting your rivalries aside and coming together is what it is all about.

"You come together as a family because in the big scheme of everything, we're all family," said Walker.

A family with one goal: to raise money to help with medical bills for Morgan's family.

Morgan's mom said there has been no official diagnosis for Morgan's condition.

"We're kind of gathering that maybe she is the first case of a new encephalitis. We don't know.  The doctors don't know.  There's still lots unanswered," said Jennifer Kimbro, Morgan's mom.

One thing is for certain, although Morgan grew up in Newcastle and moved to Bryson in July of 2016, this fundraiser proves love has no city limits.

"When push comes to shove, these communities come together and pull through for our own," said Gina Maxwell, the Mayor of Newcastle.

Maxwell said even though Morgan and her family are in Newcastle or Bryson, they are in everyone's hearts.

Morgan's mom said that's what gets her the most. She knows how much Morgan is loved and missed.

While this is a tough time for her and her family, the support from these two communities are strong, and those who came out to the fundraiser say Morgan is strong, too.

"Morgan is a fighter, and we can't wait to see her come home," said Elaine Manuel.

Morgan's mom said the 14 year-old is making some progress.

"She's lifted her pelvis up, she's stretched her legs out stiff, both of them," said Kimbro. "She responds sometimes, most of the time, she doesn't, but I know she's in there. I know she can hear us."

At Tuesday night's game, Morgan's basketball jersey was given to her sister, and on Sunday, Morgan will celebrate her 15th birthday.

Morgan's mom said the $5,110 raised does not include the door money, bracelets, shirts, or concessions purchased at the game.

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