MSU students learning about the flu first hand

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The health page on the MSU's website said the university could close for seven days if students continue to miss class but that's not necessarily true.

Students said there are empty classrooms at Midwestern State University.

"I've actually been seeing a lot of students being absent, getting sick," said MSU student Akil Williams.

"A couple of my friends have been unable to make it into class today because of the flu," said MSU senior Patrick German.

The empty classrooms put the school on "code red" which means a widespread flu outbreak on campus.

"My advertising class was a little bit light today," said German. "Only six showed up so and it's a 20 person class so it's going to be kind of interesting."

The school website showed if more students continue to miss class, MSU could reach a "code black." That would close the campus for a full week but the school said it was just a mistake. The website still used the old format formed around 2006 instead of the new one which doesn't include "code black."

Some students told us their professors encouraged anyone feeling sick to stay home.

"A couple of our teachers are like 'yeah, just get out' and I'm like 'please dude, no."

In a statement, over the phone, the school said the only way the campus would ever shut down is if it is unable to function such as low faculty and low student attendance. They don't see that happening as of now.

The Midwestern State board of regents will meet this week.