Project Based Learning Includes Meteorologist

Fifth grade students at Fain Elementary are learning to be researchers aboard the International Space Station. It is part of the learning technique called project based learning.

They are each taking on real life jobs to learn about the sun earth and moon from outer space. One of those jobs is a meteorologist. Our very own Carly smith talked to the class about forecasting the weather using satellite imagery. Fifth grade science teacher at Fain Elementary, Brittany Sralla said project based learning is not a new concept, but this is the first time she has used it.

"I can tell you with full honesty that their engagement has been so much higher in the past three weeks. Their collaboration's been much better, they've worked together as a team. They are thinking critically," Sralla said, "coming up with their own questions."

She said it works because they have a specific goal they are working toward. The final goal is presenting the first graders with the information they learned during the project. Sralla went to Coppell ISD to observe project based learning this year and immediately brought it back to Wichita falls. She said having someone who actually works as a meteorologist in class today helped take what they are learning and apply it directly to the real world.