Bluetooth car kits could prevent future fines

Bluetooth car kits could prevent future fines

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- An ordinance that could ban the use of phones while driving is being discussed by the Wichita Falls City Council.

But there are new ways to convert any car into a hands free one that connects with your cell phone, and most are affordable.

One of these ways is a blue tooth car kit that works with any car that has an AUX plug in.

Terry McAdams from MacTech Solutions said one of the more simple switches, just use one headphone as a Bluetooth headset.

"What's great about that if you don't have the wire hanging and you can use one of these at a time and you don't necessarily have to use both, since you don't want music playing in your ears when you're driving," said McAdams.

Though these methods are safer, Sgt. Harold McClure said distractions can still be lurking.

"Regardless of what technology use, regardless of what ordinance is in place,  it is incumbent that the driver in shores that there's nothing in their vehicle that is distracting them from the job at hand, which is operating a vehicle safely," said McClure.

In 2015, distracted driving caused more than 100,000 crashes just in the state of Texas, claiming the life of 422 people.

Currently if this ordinance were to pass the fine could be almost $500.

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