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WF to focus on growth, development and community engagement in strategic plan

Wichita Falls Strategic Planning Workshop Wichita Falls Strategic Planning Workshop

Wichita Falls city council members and staff are close to having a new strategic plan for the future.
They have been busy hard at work the last two days crafting short and long-term goals.
It was two days that were filled with many ideas.
    "I'm very pleased about how the strategic planning exercise went," Darron Leiker, City Manager of Wichita Falls said. "We talked about a lot of different things. A lot of common themes about what we need to do as a city to improve."
City leaders rolled their sleeves up and worked hard the to identify their strengths, weaknesses and the city's opportunities moving forward.
It is an effort to come up with a strategic plan.
    "I think I'm supposed to go rate how confident I am in these strategic goals," Eric West, Wichita Falls District 1 Councilor said. "And I'm going rate that a 10."
The city wants to address economic development and downtown revitalization.
They also want to communicate better with the community.
    "I am very much hoping that we can bring the citizens in line with us," West said. "Because that is the only way this is going to work. If we are going to do great things for the city, it's going to take council, city staff and the citizens all working together."
    "I would anticipate that you will start seeing more town hall meetings where we discuss our goals and priorities and get feedback and help from the public," Leiker said.
West said the city typically hears from people upset, something he is fine with and he encourages.
But he wants to also hear good things as well.
    "We need people to come out and show their support too and hear their voice so that people don't think the whole city is against the things we are trying to do," West said
The next step is for city council to vote on adopting or supporting this strategic plan.
Leiker said the city needs to do a better job at actively recruiting new businesses, expanding the current one's and improve the quality of life, making Wichita Falls more of a destination city.

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