Southwest Parkway seeing improvements


The Texas Department of Transportation is in the beginning stage of improving a 7 mile stretch of Southwest Parkway.
This project starts at the intersection of Southwest Parkway and Gregg Road and goes all the way to Jacksboro Highway.

People who live in the area are not worried about the construction.

Misha Kurko drives on Southwest Parkway to get to work every day and said it is just a part of travel.

It's been a little tough at first, said Kurko.  I think I've adjusted.

TxDots big project includes making longer left turns at intersections, installing cross walks, adding new sidewalks and installing new turn signals at intersections.

Patrick Street lives among some of the construction and said traffic can sometimes be an issue.

It is crowded, said Street.  It's a big old jumble trying to get up on there and just fight with everybody on the same speed you know.

Kurko said the traffic could be worse.

I've driven through Dallas a lot, said Kurko.  I've lived in Houston for 10 years this is not a headache for me.  I mean it's really not that bad.
I think most of us who live in cities learn to deal with it and we understand the benefits of it so it's know it's not the worst thing that could happen.

Both Kurko and Street said they are excited to see the improvements.
Everybody loves a new road, said Kurko.  Everybody loves when lanes are expanded or when a median is fixed or whatever it may be.
I'm all for some change, said Street.  I like it.

These improvements come after a 2015 study that included using temporary traffic cameras to see how drivers moved and how to improve problem areas.
The Texas Department of Transportation said this project will cost around $2.5 million.