Family of seven's home goes up in flame and the community comes together to help

QUANAH, TX (KAUZ) - Popping noises and smoke woke up a Quanah family in the middle of the night, Thursday.

The parents rushed to wake their children and get them to safety as the smoke filled their home.

It was the Leija's family's first home and they were left devastated as all that remained was smoke and ashes.

"You see these things happen to other people but you don't think it can happen to you," said Brittany Leija.

Brittany said her youngest daughter doesn't truly understand what had happened.

"She does show emotion," said Brittany. "She understands what we have is gone."

She recalled her husband running from room to room waking the children.

"He pushed my youngest son out of the room," said Brittany. "He went to tell him the house was on fire and he came down and went to our room."

She said they all went out of the back of the house, which is their bedroom.

Their oldest son realized he left his cell phone in his room and sprinted back to the house to get it.

"The dog ran in after him," said Max Leija. "My son was over taken by smoke pushed the air conditioner out the window and jumped out the second floor."

The son made it safely without any injuries but the dog didn't.

"We lost our dog in the fire," said Max. "He ran back in. I would really like to have him back."

As the Leija family tried to come to terms with losing their home, the Quanah community helped their neighbors get back on their feet.

"A ton of donations so far," said Brittany. "Money, clothes, food, for the kids. The community has been really great."

"Everyone has each others back," said Max. "It makes me happy to be here."

Donations are being collected at the First Capital Bank of Quanah. A Go Fund Me Page was started to help the family as well: