Victims at Fountaingate apartments clean up after fire


Saturday morning people are cleaning up what is left after what they say has been a wild 24 hours.
Joe Biter was asleep when the fire started.

It was just a massive mess, said Biter.  When I first saw it that the whole apartment was going to go up it was that bad.
As soon as I walked through the door I could immediately smell the smoke, said resident Brandon Murray.  The white smoke, rolling through the air like the whole building was on fire.

This is not the first time the 2 have seen tragedy.

The tornado in 1979 is my experience, said Biter.  I lived down the street in another apartment complex and that's the only thing I've ever been around.
Ive been in one other fire in my life and that was a house that was enough for me to realize that we're not totally safe anything can happen and just be prepared for it, said Murray.

Murray said the entire complex watched the firemen extinguish the flames.
There was a lot of worry on people's faces, said Murray.  The wind was actually picking up so you could see it rolling just effecting everything around.  Be thankful for what we have and that we can rebuild.  All of us can and that we can come together as a community and try and help rebuild each others lives.

The American Red Cross provided shelter for the victims of the fire.
The cause is still under investigation.