Y Minute: Age is Only A Number

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The YMCA is an organization that provides fitness to people of all ages, even those who are in their 90s proving you're never too old to stay in shape.

Laura Lindsay and Jack Morris are two of the oldest members at the YMCA.

Lindsay or "Shorty" as she's called by those at the YMCA, has been a member since 1958.

At 93 years old, she's been a member of the YMCA for 59 years.

Shorty says her boyfriend worked at the YMCA and ended up signing her up for a membership.

"They had a Y Drive every year for membership instead of just donating money. He was working in the Y Drive and I was dating him. He called me one evening and he said I signed you up for the Y so I can have a new member. Then from then on, of course, I ended up marrying him," Shorty said.

She would go up to the YMCA so she could watch her future husband play handball and volleyball.

Later in life after they married, they would go to the YMCA together and walk on the track.

After her husband passed away in 1994, Shorty would still come to walk on the track until she discovered the Silver Sneaker Program.

"It's easy exercise for an old woman, we don't get down on the floor. All of our exercises are in the chair or walking along the chair," Shorty said.

Being a member for almost 60 years, Shorty has seen the YMCA go from just the downtown Y to having three other branches located around Wichita Falls.

"It's gotten larger and there's more people. Catering to more young people, which is what they need to do," Shorty said.

Jack Morris grew up in Seymour before joining the Marine Corp at the age of 17.

After serving during World War II, Morris came back to Seymour and worked in agriculture.

He moved to Wichita Falls in 1960 where he soon joined the YMCA and has now been a member for 30 years.

"It gives me a place to go exercise...I have to gauge myself pretty close," Morris said.

At age 90, Morris comes to the YMCA to work out every day using weights and the elliptical.

But the workout isn't the only thing he enjoys.

"One of the big advantages of coming to the Y for me is the people I meet. I come to exercise but I think I get more enjoyment out of just people that I would never see before, people I would never met before. New friends," Morris said.

Morris said he would suggest to those younger than him to pace themselves while working out.

"Most people can get a little bit stronger but I tell ya what they can't get younger. If people would just start out and keep in mind you've only got one body. It's got to last all your life. And you need to take care of it," Morris said.

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