Texas Crime Stoppers increase reward to help solve cold cases

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Wichita Falls police sergeant Harold McClure said having an unsolved murder case is never easy.

"It's always a tragedy when someone is a victim of a crime," said McClure.

"Any time that the crime goes unsolved that just intensifies the tragedy of it."That is why the department along with Brian Bohn with Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers are excited that Texas Crime Stoppers is adding an additional $3,000 to try and help bring these cases to a close.
"Hopefully with this added $3000 dollars that just gives the extra incentive to bring people forward with the information they've got and we get these cases closed and we get them in the books," said Bohn.

If you have a tip on an unsolved murder in Texas, you put in a call to the state level of Crime Stoppers.

They will then alert your local crime stoppers unit.

If that tip leads to an arrest, you will be awarded $3000 by Texas Crime Stoppers, in addition to the reward from your local Crime Stoppers.
"Our local program offers $2,500 on cold cases," said Bohn.  "Now that the state program has come in and offered an additional 3000 for tips that will lead to the arrest of cold case homicides."
"Anytime we can do anything to help solve whatever the offense is especially if there is a loss of life," said Sergeant McClure.  "That always brings closure and it brings justice to the victims and the victims families."