Temperature shifts can cause people to get sick

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Some people say changes like the rainy weather and high temperatures make people sick but is that true?

Construction worker Mario Stewart said it does make people sick.

"Absolutely," Stewart said. "Going from hot to cold overnight and people working in construction, it really takes a toll on them."

Joel Mack, a nurse practitioner at CommunityMed Urgent Care said Mack's right.

"It gets hot, it gets cold and that's what makes people's asthma, allergies get exacerbated or aggravated," said Mack.

The cold temperatures make it a breeding ground for viruses.

"Cold viruses typically multiply quicker and efficiently in cold weather," said Mack.

The temperature shifts also pay a part in the spread of the virus spores.

"We don't kill a lot of the spores, allergens in the air because we don't have a long temperature shift, like freezing," said Mack.

With spring coming up, Nurse Mack said many people make the mistake of misdiagnosing themselves.

"A lot of people think they're sick or think they have an infection when in reality it's just their allergies," Mack said.

One way to tell the difference between an allergy and the flu is if you have a runny nose and a scratchy throat that just might be an allergy attack. If you have a high fever and congestion, then it might be the flu.

Health experts recommend people get their flu shot. Some people may have a negative reaction to it but they said the flu shot won't give them the flu.

Mack said people who feel sick should visit their family doctor because more people got the flu in Texas this year than last year's flu season.

Jesse Canales. Newschannel 6.

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