College students' react to a new travel ban

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Yesterday, President Donald Trump said he would unveil a new travel ban order after courts ruled against his first one last week.

President Trump said the new order will be "narrowly tailored" to meet the court's standards.

Some Midwestern State University students said they are very concerned to travel outside the country to visit their family and friends.

Ismael Cruz, a senior at MSU and first-generation college student, said he won't be visiting his family in Mexico this year. It's the first time he won't go since 2012.

"There is that fear that they would hold me for whether it be three weeks, two weeks or something like that," said Cruz.

Dr. Linda Veazey, the MSU political science professor, said she's not sure how the courts will respond to the new travel ban.

"There could be a new ban or there could not be," said Dr. Veazey. "If it's more narrowly tailored there could be a ban, it's not clear whether or not it that would actually meet the court standards in this ban."

Dr. Steve Garrison, the political scientist at MSU, said the travel ban might be worried differently to be accepted by the courts.

"It may be linked to countries with security issues than specifically religion or ethnicity," said Dr. Garrison.

Cruz said the not knowing is exactly what will be in the new travel ban is what has many MSU students fearing the worst.

"A lot of those that are international students and minorities on this campus are very afraid," said Cruz. "It's more of the unknown."

The last travel ban that was struck down by the courts included seven highly Muslim populated countries. It's unclear if the new ban would only include those countries or further expand.

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