Kell House launches campaign for renovations

WICHITA FALLS, TX - If you walk into the Kell House, you can see the history of Wichita Falls.

"Mr. Kell and his brother, Mr. Kemp were the movers and shakers that built Wichita Falls," said Executive Director with the Wichita County Heritage Society, Dlores Cully.  "It is very important we keep that history alive.
The house located downtown is a historical landmark in Texas, being the home of Frank Kell and his family.

Almost all the items inside have gone untouched, making the house one of a kind.
"It has about 95% of its original content," said Cully.  "That is very unusual for historic homes."

A long time has come from 1909 when the house was built, which is why the Wichita County Heritage Society is moving on to the 2nd phase of renovations.

It all started about 4 years ago with repairing the foundation after the drought caused structural damage.

There are plans to fix the pillars on the outside of the house and crown molding inside.

Something Cully said will not be easy.
"We are a historic site," said Cully.  "Everything has to be put on like it was before."

The society is looking to raise another $200,000 to keep the memory of the house alive.

She said renovating is not only important for the heritage society, but for the community.
"This is all about awakening the heritage that we all cherish.  This house belongs to all the people in Wichita county.  and it's important to all the people in Wichita county."

The society hopes to have the funds raised by applying for grants and doing fundraisers.

They hope to have all their money raised by Summer 2018.