Y Minute: Children Getting a Head Start on Education

Y Minute: Children Getting a Head Start on Education

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Traditionally, education starts at kindergarten but at the YMCA they have a program to help kids prepare for school while the parents are at work.

"We teach them social skills, how to interact with each other. We help develop a positive self-attitude and they also are exposed to the learning domain they'll be exposed to in public school," said Lisa Harper, a preschool teacher at the YMCA.

Harper teaches three-year-olds letters, colors, and other basic concepts so they're prepared for the next level of education.

Harper keeps her class similar to a normal school schedule to help the kids get used to the structure of school they'll experience through high school.

That includes getting the child used to being away from their parents.

"Getting dropped off at such an early age is often traumatic for a child. As the year progresses, they see that mom and daddy leave but always come back," said Harper.

Harper also teaches her kids to be happy with themselves and to work hard.

"The most common thing we see kids learn is feeling good about who they are. When they're able to accomplish something that they've worked on. Their faces just light up," said Harper.

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