Downtown WF looks to attract MSU students

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) -- The city of Wichita Falls is trying to discover ways to create a downtown atmosphere that would appeal to college students, particularly at Midwestern State University.

This is a relationship that both the city and MSU students have been trying to develop for a while.

Recently, Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana asked MSU students what they like to see more of here in Wichita Falls.

Their answer, more things to do downtown.

Currently this streets in downtown Wichita Falls sit quite with many building empty and for sale.

But Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce President Henry Florsheim hopes by working with MSU that can soon change.

"There are a lot of people here that would say they love MSU, but I don't think anyone would really say this has a college town feel here in Wichita falls but we can change that if we want to," said Florsheim.

As the university continues to grow, bringing nearly 6,000 students to the city each year, MSU President Dr. Suzanne Shipley agrees that by growing the downtown it gives student more to do on the weekend.

Shipley recently announced the idea of an on campus stadium.

Something she thinks can help create a better connection with the city.

Shipley said, "The city will come here make the campus its home and so you build a stronger link between alumni students business interests and the whole community gets into the excitement."

Florshiem thinks an on campus stadium could be the best thing to connect the university with businesses down town.

"I guarantee that I can get one hundred businesses or more to set up a tailgate all day," said Florshiem.

Hoping it will create a great college football environment for the city.

MSU tells us that talks of a stadium are still in the very early stages.

As for downtown, they hope to create more places for students to live as well as bringing in more restaurants and shops for the community to enjoy.