Texoma plays the Powerball Lottery

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Powerball fever spread across Texoma. The winning ticket is worth more than 400 million dollars.

Several lotto players, like Darrel Dunbar, said he hoped he'll be the winner. He said he already thought about what he would buy with all that PowerBall money.

"I would buy me a brand new car, a couple of brand new cars, and I would have to buy me a couple of lake houses," said Dunbar.

Dunbar said he drives a 2004 Ford Mustang but next time anyone sees him on the road he might be driving something faster.

"We are going to be driving a Lamborghini right there, a Diablo, something really nice," said Dunbar.

He said may also have something faster than that.

"With that kind of money, I might just buy a jet," said Dunbar.

He said he won't go back to work, as a painter, if he wins.

"Oh no! No way! No chance," said Dunbar. "I'll be gone and flying across the world, traveling and on Facebook media baby," said Dunbar.

Others said they would retire early as well like Paula Ward.

"I might go back one more day and give my two-week notice," said Ward.

She said she's bought two PowerBall Lottery tickets every Tuesday and Friday for years.

Melissa Donohue said she would take time off from work too but not permanently.

"I would take a vacation, a pretty long vacation," said Donohue. "I would help a lot of friends out, my true friends, and the rest I would give to charity."

The last time to buy a ticket for Wednesday's draw is 9 p.m. and the draw is at 10 p.m.

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