Archer City ISD shows off new school

ARCHER CITY, TX (KAUZ) - The Archer City Independent School District showed off its new school Tuesday night.

A $17.7 million bond, narrowly passed by voters in 2014, is responsible for bringing the new building to life.

Just a few months ago, the Archer City Junior High and High School students were learning in portable buildings, but finally after waiting more than a year, they are in their new school.

"I love the layout of everything, and it's super modernized," said Andrea Hall, a junior at Archer City High School. "I was super excited about this little area (the student lounge) because when we have classes off or something like that, we can come over here and study and everything."

The new improvements are not just impressing students.

"The technology here, everything is just clean, shiny and brand new," said Amanda Williams, the district's Special Education Coordinator. "It's exciting to be here every day."

Williams said the new technology gives her the capabilities to cater to each student.

"Especially in a special education classroom," said Williams. "We usually have a couple of lessons going on at once."

Williams said she now has two different document cameras and a 70-inch touchscreen TV.

"It's all of those things that allow us to have several different lessons going on within the same class," said Williams.

The new facility also prepares students for college and their future careers

"It very much simulates the real world where were using technology to solve everyday-type problems, not just in math and science, but across the board," said Williams.

Bethanne Oswald, the district's Technology Director, said as educators, they have to give students room to grow, in addition to the right learning facilities and tools so kids can blossom and use their own creativity.

Oswald said the district has always had great teachers and programs, but these upgrades allow them to up their education game.

"We are able to deliver such a higher level of technology with a new building," said Oswald.

Science teacher Bill Crowley said he has seen improvements in how he teaches.

"I have enhanced preparation materials and enhanced teaching materials," said Crowley. "Electronic media that really augments the way I teach my courses."

He adds another enhancement he has noticed is student pride.

"They're really happy to be in the new facility, and they're really happy to take care of the new facility," said Crowley. "I think that's important. I think that's a pride in ownership mentality."

Crowley said even though some people were disappointed the bond passed, due to wanting to keep the history of the old school alive.

He hopes those people come out to see the new legacy being created.

"I think the entire community could get behind it and really be proud," said Crowley.

Oswald said those who have not been in town in several years may drive by and not even notice it is a new school, since the same look and feel of the old building is still there.

However, not everything from the past is lost.

Bricks from the old building and memorabilia can be seen as you walk down the band hall.

The Archer City ISD will open up the doors to the junior high and high school this Sunday, so everyone can see the new building.

Teachers and administrators said they hope not only parents, but Archer City residents will come out to see how the bond money is benefiting students.

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