Heroes of Texoma: MSG Roberto Short

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - This week's Hero of Texoma is a Mississippi man who began his career shortly before the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Master Sergeant Roberto Short was in a break room at Sheppard Air Force Base during his time in tech school when he and several others watched the commercial airliners plow into the twin towers in New York City.

"I said well, it finally real. I've been in seven to eight months, now it's go time," he said.

Following a rough semester of college, Short decided to change course and joined the United States Air Force.

From that moment on he took pride in serving our country all over the world.

MSG Short has been to 35 states and 16 different countries.

"You get to learn about different cultures, (people from) different walks of life, and different parts of the world, not just the United States," he said.

Today, he is back where he started, serving as an instructor in the Communication Navigation Mission Systems department at Sheppard Air Force Base.

As he inches closer to his 16th anniversary in the USAF, Short's purpose is always close to his heart.

"When you first join, you join for different reasons, whether it's college or to get away from home. But ultimately you look down at your left breast pocket and that's what you're here for, to protect the civilians and this American democracy," he said.

MSG Short continued his education while serving our country and also spent time during one of his four deployments as an interrogator.

When he retires, he plans to take some time traveling to many of the places he has already been to.

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Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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