High school students learn more about STEM careers

WICHITA FALLS, TX - High school students are one step closer to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math also known as STEM.

Krishan Reddy knows he wants to pursue a career in Science or Math.

"My whole life I've been interested in science and mathematics so it just kind of naturally I just want to go into it," said Reddy.

Hacemos of Wichita Falls, an organization that puts focus on helping at risk teens pursue careers in STEM, paired up with AT&T to host the 19th High Technology Day.

Students experience how STEM works in everything from the call center at AT&T, to hands free devices in cars.
Alisha Neilson has been at the call center for 18 years and said STEM is involved directly with her everyday job.
"We are passionate about diversity and inclusion," said Neilson.  "Getting to have these kids here and be able to talk with them about STEM and about some of the soft skills that are important when you enter the work force it was just fantastic.  I enjoyed it.  It meant a lot to me and our leadership team."

Gabriela Garcia is a junior at Rider high school and wants to go into mathematics.

She learned a lot from the seminar.
"You'll have 3 of the same brilliant people but it's how you present yourself that is going to get you that job," said Garcia.  "That salary and stability.  Everything is on that interview is on how you speak with people."

Derrik Whitney, president of Hacemos Wichita Falls is hopeful that by having this program, it will encourage students to get into STEM fields.
"Having those students come back and say, 'your program is the reason why I continued my education and now I'm in law school or I'm in some sort of program that is associated with some sort of STEM related field it's really just that full cycle is what it's about for me," said Whitney.

Wichita Falls is one of 35 cities that took park in National High Technology Day.