WFISD takes part in Digital Technology Day

WFISD takes part in Digital Technology Day


Technology changes the way we do everyday activities.
We have google and we can send emails at a touch of a button.
It is even incorporated in schools.
It has come a long way from pencil and paper.

Friday, administration got to see that, taking a tour of the schools for digital learning day.

Amanda Miller teaches Kindergarten at Ben Milam and uses technology with her young students.

“We see kids especially over the last few years coming in and knowing a lot more about using iPhone using iPad,” said Miller.  “They're so tech savvy now and so we knew we had to change our teaching to fit those students.”
“School has changed so much since I've been in school,” said Ashley Thomas, Public Information Officer for Wichita Falls Independent School District.  “As you know digital technology is changing all the time.”

Students are able to do all their work on Chrome books and iPad at school.

When it was announced that the school would be going digital, the students were excited.
“It's a lot more fun than pencil and paper,” said Abigail Fisher, a 5th grader at Jefferson elementary.  “You're not just working at a desk and writing all day.”
“Whenever you use a computer you can type more,” said 5th grader Jaekob Parmeter.  “I think that it's a lot easier and for writing.  I have very bad hand writing.”

“I love working with computers and I'm planning on wanting to learn how to build them and so I think it's really fun to be on the internet at school instead of just writing,” said Lillian Scibold, a 5th grader at Ben Milam.

The best part is that you don’t have to take home paper homework anymore.

Students can log into their school account and access all of their school work from anywhere.