Texas legislature will look to approve WF Water Availability Act

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Texas Representative James Frank is filing a bill that would allow Wichita Falls to negotiate mutually beneficial deals with the Tarrant Regional Water District.
The bill was filed by the 69th District Representative last session but could not get it to the house in time.
Water is handled by the cities and not the state in Texas.
Representative Frank said that the state should not be in the way of something that they are not in charge of.
    "The fact that Texas is not responsible for providing water, but the city of Wichita Falls is, yet there are laws that the state has that makes it more difficult for the city to work with other places to provide water is a problem in my book," Representative Frank said.
Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana is also in favor of this new potential bill.
He said that having as many options as possible during a drought helps.
    "During times of drought, your trying to think outside the box and do everything you can," Mayor Santellana said. "If you can add just one more tool, and this is a large tool, it isn't a small tool, one more tool to that box gives us the ability to kind of look forward to future negotiations with these water districts."
Wichita Falls is currently in the Red River Basin and Tarrant Regional Water District is in the Trinity River Basin.
The two would would transfer their water through those two basins.
This bill would make sure that Wichita Falls has the opportunity to access more water in times it is needed.
Mayor Santellana said he is very grateful for Representative Frank's transparency in Austin to try and help Wichita Falls and the 69th district.
Representative Frank said this is also good for Tarrant because it would diversify their water supply as well.
He adds it is important to address the issue now because it is nearly impossible to address these issues during a drought.

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