A company the Bowie Memorial Hospital owes money, takes action

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - Representatives from a company who had a management contract with the Bowie Memorial Hospital claim the hospital authority owes them money.

Lynn Heller, the Former CEO of the hospital board, said when the hospital closed they did, in fact, owe about $275,000 to Community Hospital Consulting.

Heller said the board was attempting to pay the company some of the money owed, but Texas unemployment filed a lean so they could only pay off attorneys and some bills, and the rest of the money went to the state.

He said some companies did not get anything, including the management company in question and some insurance companies

The Bowie News reports Community Hospital Consulting said no one told them the hospital sold its assets and has now filed an emergency motion to postpone a hearing that would dissolve the hospital authority.

The paper adds, District Judge Jack McGaughey approved the motion, granting a continuance until June 5th.

However, Heller said there is no money left, not even enough to pay an attorney.

So as of now, he has no idea what is going to happen next.

Faraz Hashmi, the CEO of the new hospital in operation, told Bowie News he does not anticipate the continuance will affect the opening of the Central Hospital of Bowie.

The new facility is still expected to open next March.

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