Day two of testimony wrapped up in Sexual Assault trial

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Testimony in the Clarence Swegheimer trial in Wichita County continued Thursday. 
There were two separate hearings for witnesses without the jury present, but the judge allowed both to testify in front of jurors.
Testimony began from Gina Hopson, who is a former Cherokee County Investigator.
She testified that in July of 2000, the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant for child pornography at Swegheimer's house.
Once they got inside, Hopson said she saw stacks of photographs, but did add that she could only confirm that she saw one photo that included child pornography.
In a written statement following the warrant, Swegheimer said he started looking at "kiddie porn".
He said he was messed up at that time, but was not a child predator.
However, the case ended up going no where.
The second person to testify was the daughter of Swegheimer's girlfriend.
She said that he sexually assaulted her on at least four different occasions in the 1970's and 1980's.
Some of the details are too inappropriate to share, but they included him touching her inappropriately and him making lewd comments.
She said that on one occasion she tried to fight back, but he knocked her down, dragged her to a dog kennel, and locked her up.
The daughter said that she mentioned it to her mom once, but never gave family members any of the details.
She adds that part of why she never tried talking to her mom about it was because when she first brought it up, she was backhanded.
Her mom told her he was the love of her life.
The daughter said she did not tell her dad because she was afraid he would murder him.
Trial is set to continue tomorrow at 9 a.m. in the 89th District Court.
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