Rare Smokey Bear sign in Archer County

ARCHER COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) -- The iconic wild fire prevention mascot Smokey Bear is helping fire fighters in Bowman educate others on wild fire danger conditions.

Smokey has been around for over seventy years, first appearing on posters, billboards and wild fire condition signs just like the one in Archer County.

It sits right in front of the Bowman Volunteer Fire Department and according to fireman John Strenski, it's the only Smokey signs standing in front of a fire station in Texas.

"As far as we know and I'd like to see others if there are, but as far as we know we think he is the only Smokey in front of a fire department in the state of Texas," said Stenski.

The sign was part of and Eagle Scout project two years ago.

But it doesn't stop there, you'll even find Smokey working on the fire trucks as well.

Strenski and fire crews across the country use Smokey's message, hoping it will educate children more on wild fire danger and conditions.

"If your eight-year-old comes up to you and says hey dad maybe we should trim back some these branches, you were successful in your education program," said Stenski.

Smokey is seen by over 1,100 drivers each day and hope to continue to educate everyone on the dangers and prevention of wild fires.

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