Wichita Falls LGBT community reacts to a Texas Supreme Court Case

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A controversial Texas Supreme Court case is concerning some in Wichita Falls.

The court is trying to determine whether or not marriage benefits should extend to same-sex couples who work in government jobs.

Sellese Regouby, a lesbian woman, said she's hopeful these kinds of court cases can bring out a better future for her and her family.

"I want change to happen," Regouby said. "I think about my future, my future wife's future and my children's future."

Regouby and her girlfriend Brenda have dated for more than a year. She said it's not too early to think about marriage.

"It's not out of the question," Regouby said.

There are concerns in the LGBT community about what may happen if the Texas Supreme Court rules against same-sex couples.

"Sometimes I have doubts but I'm one of those optimistic people," Regouby said.

Reverend Mel Martinez, Wichita Falls Metropolitan Church, said same-sex couples deserve the same benefits as straight couples.

She said these types of cases are too common for the LGBT community.

"We have a bitter history of finally getting through that we deserve the same rights as other people," Rev. Martinez said.

Regouby said change is certain and laws are meant to change.

"I think about where our country started," Regouby said. "Our forefathers came up with our constitution but they left it open for change, knowing that we will change."

Rev. Martinez said some in her congregation are worried about the transgender bathroom bill as well.

LGBT advocates said they're taking a stand against the bill tomorrow with a march and rally in Wichita Falls.

It is expected to start at 3 pm. at the Democratic headquarters on Kemp. Marchers will then head towards Sikes Center Mall.