Clarence Swegheimer testifies in sexual assault trial

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Monday was a long day in the Clarence Swegheimer Sexual Assault trial, including the jury hearing from Swegheimer.
He said that four separate stories from a female that testified regarding him touching her inappropriately during the 1970's and 1980's were false. 
Regarding the search warrant for Child Pornography in Cherokee County, Swegheimer said he was surfing the web for regular pornography, but stumbled upon child pornography after clicking on a picture of a female that was of age.
However, he said there were no printed pictures of child pornography in his house.
In regards to the victim in this case, Swegheimer said he never took her to his truck and inappropriately touched or talked to her. 
He said there was a fashion show, but it was the girls idea and they are the one's that mooned him.
He said he never touched the victim's breast, but that her breast touched his hand.
Swegheimer said he has never abused a child.
However, the prosecution brought forth a statement he made to law enforcement in Nevada regarding the case.
He did confirm that he made a statement about a separate victim looking mature for her age, as well as him making a pass at her while being drunk and high. 
The day began with testimony from Jennifer Edwards.
Edwards has worked with sexual abuse victims and child predators for 21 years. 
Edwards said it is common for children to be sexually abused by people they know.
She said it gives the predator an opportunity to build a relationship and pick the child most likely to not say anything.
Court will be back in session tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. in the 89th District Court. 
Swegheimer will be back on the stand.

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