Wichita Falls Restaurant Week helps boost local economy

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Grab a fork because the first ever Wichita Falls Restaurant Week kicked off Monday.

The event is serving up delicious deals, and it is all to support local businesses.

"We just wanted to come up with an idea to get people to notice the local restaurants around town," said Tagan Couch, the event's organizer and owner of the Gypsy Kit.

Over a dozen restaurants are participating like 8th Street Coffee House, Pelican's, Twenty 11 Bistro and much more.

"The biggest thing is that your money stays here whenever you eat with us and spend money with Gypsy Kit or any of the other local restaurants," said Couch. "Our money goes back into the community."

Couch said the local restaurant owners know supporting each other is one of their strongest assets.

"It's a win-win for all of us to come together rather than be apart," said Demrick Davis, the owner of Twenty 11 Bistro. "It's competition, but it's healthy competition because what it does is it brings more people into the area. So, it helps all of us."

Davis said seeing Wichita Falls grow is a dream come true.

"For a community member like myself that actually grew up here, and we're actually able to make money and put money right back into the community, it just makes it that much more special," said Davis.

Couch said any growth in The Falls is great. "Of course whenever it comes from within, it's even better," said Couch.

Dee Barnes, a local business owner, said she loves eating local as she walked out of McBride's Steakhouse on Maplewood.

She said seeing all of these new eateries pop-up shows one thing: progress.

"It's demand, I mean something doesn't grow unless there's a demand there, and I think we should encourage Wichita Falls," said Barnes.

She said when you keep the money in Wichita falls, then Wichita Falls prospers.

Kim Boyle and her husband were eating at the Pelican Monday night and encouraged every one to take advantage of this week's event.

"We always try and support local businesses versus the chains," said Barnes. "I think it's so important, especially in the size of a town as Wichita Falls, to support your local community, your local business guys and just stand behind them."

Organizers are encouraging everyone to get out and eat local.

You can even take a picture with your food or drinks at the Wichita Falls Restaurant Week eateries using #EATLOCALWF to win some swag like t-shirts and stickers.

Wichita Falls Restaurant week ends this Friday, but the good news is organizers plan on making this an annual event.

For more information on this event, click here.

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