SB6 might not affect Wichita Falls businesses

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - One Wichita Falls business leader said Senate Bill 6, Texas Privacy Act, might not affect local businesses if it passes.

Vanda Cullar, Small Business Development Center regional director at Midwestern State University, said big cities like Houston, Dallas or Austin will be the one's that will be affected the most if the bill passes.

"Business owners can still make the choices they want for their business," said Cullar. "The regulations they want for their business. This would not affect the average business owner or the average business, and really most of the business owners you see in the Falls."

North Carolina passed a similar bill and several big businesses pulled out further expansion or boycotted the state. Cullar said the same businesses would resist SB6 in Texas.

Cullar said the sports and entertainment businesses would be affected the most by the bill's passing. North Carolina lost the opportunity to host the NBA All-Star game last month because of their bathroom bill.

North Carolina said they are making money from another business after losing millions in the sports and entertainment industry.

"There was another gentleman testifying in Austin that North Carolina's travel industry is up than before the bill," said Cullar. "So, you hear from one then you hear from the other."

Arizona State University said Arizona made more than 500 million dollars when they hosted the Super Bowl in 2015.