Texas Department of Transportation brings "Road Watcher Tour" to MSU


The Texas Department of Transportation said the number of wrecks on Texas roads increases during spring break, and one of the top killers is completely preventable.

This is becoming increasingly important as we see distracted driving is becoming a bigger cause of wrecks, said Adele Lewis, Public Information Officer with Texas Department of Transportation.  Of course we always have speeding and DUIs, but distracted driving is increasing and people are driving and getting killed and injured in the state of Texas.

Thats why TxDot parked their drowsy driving simulator at MSU for students to experience what it feels like to ride in a car with a distracted driver.

It can be experienced by sitting in the back seat while a couple of dummies drive.
During the ride, there are several driving mistakes made it is up to the passenger to say what rule of the road was broken.
Stefanie King lives just outside of Fort Worth.

She said the traffic on the highway going home from school can be scary.
It's a bunch of semi trucks, said King.  There's always a lot of people.

She and a friend hopped in the simulator and were surprised at what they saw.
Whenever a driver does something like the littlest thing wrong like what can go wrong, said King.
I really try not to be on my phone but, I do a couple of times but I really need to stop.  Especially like after seeing that like I really just need to put it away.  It's only an hour and a half so I need to stop.

Spring break is also a time for many to go on vacation. 

Koby Sapon-Amoah is going to South Padre with friends and a game plan.
Every two hours and give everyone a chance to take a break, take a nap, and make sure everyone has at least one person staying up with them just in case they start to falls asleep.
I don't want to be the guy who is in charge of someone else getting hurt.  or getting killed.  I think it is very important to stay off our phone when driving.

The Road Watcher Tour is being done all across the state of Texas.