Wichita Falls woman married to transgender person worries about SB6

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Texas Privacy Act, SB6, passed the Senate committee Tuesday and is headed to the Full Senate. The bill won't allow transgender people to use the gendered bathroom they identify with.

Laura Nix is married to a trans-woman and she says they'll think twice about using a public bathroom if the bill passes.

Nix said her wife began transitioning to a woman in 2002 when they got married. She hopes the Texas Senate and the people of the Falls would be understanding of her wife and their marriage.

"We're just hoping that they will listen to reason, consider other points of view," Nix said.

She's afraid her wife could be harmed if SB6 passes.

"If they say that my spouse has to start going into the men's bathroom," Nix said. "I fear for her."

The bill as written doesn't say how the bathroom law would be enforced. LGBT advocates like Reverend Mel Martinez, Pastor of Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church, said transgender people might have to carry around their birth certificates.

"It's a very sad thing to have to carry around our personal papers in the United States of America just because [transgender people] wanted to go use the bathroom," Rev. Martinez said.

Nix said she's grateful for family bathrooms but worries for gender-specific restrooms.

"If my spouse looks so female and has to walk into a men's restroom, I think they're going to assume that she's [transgender]," Nix said. "She's going to get attacked just for being transgender."

Nix said the paperwork won't save her wife.

"A birth certificate wouldn't protect her in that situation," Nix said.

Nix said if the bill passes she would start going into the men's bathroom with her wife to protect her.

SB6 passed the Senate committee with a seven-to-one vote.

Advocates of SB6 said the bill is necessary to protect against predators who claim to be transgender in order to use the women's bathroom.