Clarence Swegheimer to serve life in prison for child abuse

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Clarence Swegheimer will serve life in prison.
The jury charged Swegheimer with life in prison on each of his two Sexual Assault against a Child charges.
He will also serve 20 years a piece for each of the four Indecency with a Child charges.
Charles Barnard, the Wichita County 89th District Court Judge, ruled that the six charges will be stacked.
Barnard's reason behind the decision was that he believed the children and not Swegheimer.
Judy Price, Assistant District Attorney, said she his happy with the jury and Judge Barnard's decisions.
"I think the jury sent a strong message that the community protects it's children," Price said. "I applaud the judge for stacking the sentences and ensuring that this child predator doesn't hurt another child."
The sentencing phase of the trial began this morning with the prosecution bringing a possible female victim from the 1980's, that was not part of this case, to the stand.
She said he would take her to a truck, talk to her and touch her inappropriately. 
That includes him forcing her to touch him inappropriately. 
She said he would come into her room and perform sexual acts.
She added that sometimes he would put her cat in the fridge or freezer and force her to beg for her back by having sex with him. 
The defense brought forth Swegheimer's sister, brother-in-law and pastor.
All of them said that they were shocked by the news and that he had turned around his life.
In closing arguments, the defense said they found the testimony from the possible victim 33 years ago odd.
The prosecution countered by saying the only odd thing was that Swegheimer got away with the acts for so long.
They added that Swegheimer views children as toys and that they should be playing with toys and not be the toy.
Prior to the trial, Swegheimer was facing 14 charges for child abuse.

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