Making Connections at the Ranch and Farm Expo

Making Connections at the Ranch and Farm Expo

Thousands of Texoma farmers attended the first day of the Wichita Falls Ranch and Farm Expo.

"I like to come to the farm show because I see new stuff, new things that will make my life easier," Madill Oklahoma farmer, Sam Goodwin said.

Goodwin is an experienced farmer looking for new tricks and equipment. Cooper Mills is interning as a farm and ranch management student at Vernon College.

"It really gives you connections and meet a lot more people and seeing all the products and what your going to look at in the future," Mills said.

He's one of the guys that helped set everything up.

"Getting on fork lifts they'll be people coming in with trailers, loads of shoots or panels any sort of implement and you get on the fork lift and lift it off," Mills said.

With more than 400 vendors, the set up wouldn't be possible without interns like Mills.

"Anything you see needs to be done, you just do it," Mills said.

The vendors come from as far as Australia. Mills said traveled to Texoma from the state of Washington for his degree and his passion for rodeo.

"I know I wanted to come down here because that's where the rodeo is. If you want to get good you come down here," Mills said.

He's lived in Wichita Falls for about 2 years.

"It's been great, life changing," Mills said. "I've learned more than a person ever could in their life time."

The owner of the Ranch and Farm Expo, Darren Dale said learning is part of the show along with continuing education units through the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, horse training demos, and all the latest farm equipment.

"All your implement dealers are here, your technology equipment and if you are looking for livestock equipment this is the premiere livestock show in the United States," Dale said.

Tomorrow is the last day. There will be bulls for sale at 1 p.m. The Ranch and Farm Expo ends March 9 at 4 p.m.