First Step hopes to see more donations in outside counties

WICHITA FALLS, TX - District attorney, Staley Heatly who represents Wilbarger, Hardeman, and Foard counties donated money his office has taken off drug dealers, to First Step, an organization that helps domestic violence victims.

He wants to see First Step continue its mission, particularly in rural north Texas counties.
 "I'm really happy that we have an organization like first step here that provides shelter to people who are victims of family violence," said Heatly.  "First step is an organization that we desperately need it services are very important for our citizens."

First Step works in 11 counties outside of Wichita Falls.

Executive Director, Emily Kincaid said it's important to make First Step's services available in rural areas.

"Those are places that may not have an organization directly in their community," said Kincaid.
"You don't have services for victims of family violence or sexual assault.  you have nowhere to turn in their own community," said Heatly.

Kincaid said it is important to get donations.
"We never want to be in a position where we can't get to a client who is two hours away in a different county," said Kincaid.  "So, that's where these donations come in.  That's where it makes it easier for us to say absolutely we can come get you"

"I think it's important that all of us in the area served by first step support them as best we can," said Heatly.

Kincaid said she hopes to see more district Attorneys from surrounding areas get involved in donating to First Step in the future.