Coach makes the cut for Landavazo memorial

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Coach Russell Henry coaches tennis at McNiel Middle School.

One thing you will probably notice is his long braids.

He started growing it out about 15 years ago but Friday, that hair got a lot shorter.

About 30 inches shorter.

He got the idea when an email was sent out saying the school was looking to raise money to build a bench to remember Lauren.

He went to the office, with an idea to cut his hair to raise money.
"I'm glad that I could be apart of it," said Henry.  "This is my home McNiel for 33 years.  I wouldn't hesitate to do anything."

The gym filled with eager students ready to cut hair.

Each of his 120 dreads all cut for Lauren's cause.

In case you're wondering, the goal was to raise about $2000 for the bench.

They announced Friday that they raised $2,300.

At the end of the hair cutting, coach Henry talked to the students.

He told them how important it is to stay a family during the hard times.

The school plans to put the bench toward the entrance of the school.

Painted purple, Lauren's favorite color, engraved will be "In memory of Lauren Landavazo, live, laugh, love."