ENJJPT Steering Committee meets at SAFB

ENJJPT Steering Committee meets at SAFB

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) – Nearly 70 members of the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) program Steering Committee arrived at Sheppard Air Force Base this week to discuss current issues the Air Force is facing.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee, Italian Air Force Brigadier General, Vincenzo Nuzzo, shared his thoughts on the future of ENJJPT and the relationship with Sheppard Air Force Base.

"We can share ideas, we can share the burden of new training, new challenges, and that's very important," said Gen. Nuzzo.

For over 35 years Sheppard Air Force Base has been a training ground for fighter jet pilots all over the world.

ENJJPT was founded by 13 NOTA Nations and has trained almost 7,300 fighter jet pilots for the NATO alliance.

For countries like Germany, Norway and the Netherlands, the ENJJPT program is the sole source for their fighter pilot training.

The country of Romania was invited to the meeting this year after expressing interest in the program and could soon become a new partner according to Colonel Gregory Keeton.

The committee will meet back up later this year in Oslo, Norway where they hope to continue their discussions.

General Nuzzo said, they hope to keep improving the pilot training programs despite some shortages of funding.

ENJJPT will celebrate their 36th anniversary this October and is still the only internationally manned and managed flight training program to produce combat pilots for the NATO alliance.