Wichita Falls Library holds Women's History class

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Assistant professor at Midwestern State University, Melissa Nivens strives to educate people on the history of women.
"There is much more talk about women in society these days," said Nivens.

Recently the topic of women's rights have been moved to the forefront with women's marches.  The most recent one happening this week for International Women's Day.

Cynthia Archibald said women marching is nothing new.

She started marching in the 1960's.
"Women's suffrage movement has been going on I just see that we are just an extension of that," said Archibald.
"We're at least 50 percent of the population but we don't have that same representation."

Even though women have been standing up for equal rights over 100 years.  It's being talked about more, which is the reason for the conversation Saturday called, "Unruly Women, Activism then and now."

"The talk is increasing and awareness is increasing but there is still a great deal of misunderstanding about women's rights and feminism and the reason for those marches," said Hillary Coenen, a women's rights advocate.  "It's really essential that even though most people in our community are aware of the march I think it's really important we have open conversation to be able to understand each other more."

People of all walks of life filled the room of the library, listening to each other despite any differences.

"It just goes to show that you can put people with diverse ideas together and that they could have conversation," said Archibald.

A conversation that would leave hope in the hearts of men and women.
"I just want to make sure that we move forward and expand and that untimely there are equal rights," Archibald
"Equality for all," said Nivens.  "In all of those things that people bring to their position in the world."