Several Wichita Falls teens fast for 22 hours

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Several Wichita Falls teens enjoyed their first meal in almost a day. The fast was part of a charity event raising money for relief services.

More than 60 teens participated in Wichita Falls Sacred Heart's eleventh annual fast retreat.

Each year they have a new theme and this year's theme was "Caring for Creation."

They said it's meant to bring awareness to how the abuse of the earth increases hunger among the poor.

The teens said fasting is difficult but the gain a lot from participating.

"It's a humbling experience and it helps me appreciate the environment more and everything it does for us," Hannah Dohman, a teen participant, said.

"You're so busy all the time," Blake Winn, a teen participant, said. "You're preoccupied, you're thinking constantly that I'm hungry for Jesus and that it doesn't hurt that bad."

Wichita Falls Sacred Heart Church said the teens raised almost $5000 this year and more than $25,000 for Catholic Relief Services in the last 11 years.

To find more information on how to help the Sacred Heart teens raise money for the hungry you can go to the CRS website.