Wichita Falls celebrates St. Patrick's Day

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Green and warm clothing seemed to be the theme for the annual St. Patrick's Day festival in Downtown Wichita Falls.

Cold winds and strong temperatures didn't stop Wichita Falls residents from enjoying today's events.

Alexys Maxwell, a Wichita Falls resident who goes to the event every year, said it's not cold enough to stop the festivities.

"Nah, I've been here in the pouring rain," Maxwell said. "I've been here in the wind and I've been here in 90 degrees sunburns."

Maxwell said Valentine's Day isn't the only time love is in the air.

"My fiancee and I, actually this was our first date four years ago so this is kind of a special place for us," Maxwell said.

Today's weather brought her back to that first date.

"It was raining when we first came," Maxwell said.

The conditions almost deterred another couple from coming out.

"Maybe my fiance a little bit," Jeff Hill a Wichita Falls resident said. "She's not so big of a fan of the wind but not it's okay. It's great they have tents and everything set up so we're good."

Jeanette Charos, Downtown Wichita Falls Proud marketing director, said events like today's aren't only for entertainment but help bring exposure to the Falls.

"We love bringing everyone downtown," Charos said. "Hopefully it exposes them to businesses they haven't visited."

Money from this event will help renovate downtown.

"It will bring some benches, light poles, improve the area and entice new business owners," Charos said.

Musical performances by Irish folk singer Martin Byrnes and Falls' own Bowling For Soup entertained event goers.

5,000 people were celebrating downtown and more than $30,000 is expected to be raised from this year's festival.

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