Panhandle residents not happy with statements from radio DJ

Panhandle residents not happy with statements from radio DJ

AMARILLO, TX (KAUZ) - Social posts are going viral after listeners of The Highway on Sirius XM heard D.J. Ashley Till jokingly refer to recent wildfires in the Panhandle as a "barbecue."

Till's comment, "barbecue for everyone," aired Thursday after a weather segment that included information about ongoing wildfires.

The remark quickly garnered attention on social media, many from Texas Panhandle residents impacted by the fires that destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres and killed 4 people.

Till apologized Friday on her personal blog, saying the comment was a mistake because she did not know the full story and she made light of a tragedy.

"Sadly, it's turned into a telephone game," Till said. "People are assuming I have no regard for human life or that I don't care about the damage that has been done.  This is simply not the case. I honestly didn't know the full story of the fires. And from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.  Trust me, I have spent the past 24 hrs crying and feeling sick to my stomach because of the entire situation. Just because you don't see a post of my face on social media doesn't mean I'm hiding or "proud" of my comments. I'm not."

The issue spiraled further due an another post on Till's timeline that said, "to everyone who gets their panties in a bunch over nothing... Happy National Get Over it Day." Till said the post was not in regard to her on-air comment and blamed "poor timing" for the outrage.

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